World Conference on Psychology and Behavioral Science

Who are we?

Eurasia Conferences main objective is to provide opportunity for the global participants to share their ideas and experience in person with their peers expected to join from different parts on the world.

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Why are we organizing this conference?

The past two years have had a great impact on the mental health of a lot of people all around the world. Being a mental health professional and helping those who have had gone through various traumas has become more important than ever. People went through situations such as fighting a battle with an unknown virus, losing a loved one to this virus, staying indoors for many months at a time, relationship conflicts arising due to staying indoors and many other such dire and difficult situations. Even children faced a lot of issues, not going to school, not being able to interact with their peers, not having enough physical excercise and general anxiety due to the overall nature of this pandemic. 

Many of us working in the fields of mental health, behavioral science, psychotherapy, psychiatric care and related fields saw very closely the impact that this pandemic has had on adults as well as children. We at feel that it is our duty to conduct a conference to let the world know how to bounce back, how to be resilient, how to come together as a family or community and to discuss the various facets of how this pandemic has affected the world from a mental health standpoint. 

Mental health and the Pandemic:

Behavioral science being a field of study that has been focused on both quantitative and qualitative academic research, now after this pandemic has a chance to move beyond the prism and paradigm of research that uses predominantly the same types of sample groups over and over again. 

Countries like Spain, Portugal, France and other parts of Europe and countries like India, China, Singapore, Indonesia and other parts of Asia have fought a valiant battle against this pandemic, especially when it comes to mental health. Now is your chance to showcase all that data that you have gathered with samples that have people of various different ethnicities, age groups and genders.

The historical basis of why we need to organize this conference:

From a historical standpoint, people like Franz Brentano who have influenced the work of the pioneers like Sigmund Freud and people like Sushruta Muni who have influenced Carl Jung and others have often not been brought to light. Philosophers and Psychologists such as Fulgencio Argüelles and Vicente Garrido Genovés have much to contribute to the arena of behavioral sciences and mental health. This conference also becomes your opportunity to shine light upon such great minds from the European world. 

Great philosophers like Ángel Hernando who has worked in the field of Psychopedagogy and have contributed to important fields arising out of human behavior analysis such as Educational Guidance and Social Education are now more important than ever when children are struggling to get back to school and cope up with educational stress. With this conference you have a chance not just to showcase your valuable contributions to the field of social behavioral science but to enhance the stature of European, Asian and other native influentialists who have often worked hard to improve the various facets of behavioral psychology studies.

Through this conference we want to encourage you to let the world know, how as Eurasian mental health professionals you have contributed to the betterment of your community using social behavioral science, whether its the eastern philosophies of Yoga Darshana, Nyaya and Ayurveda or whether its European philosophies such as those that have been handed down to you from the greats like Aristotle and Socrates. Whether its Greek myth criticism or the Spanish cultural rigor, we want to provide you a platform to showcase to the world your use of indigenous methods that have helped your community in terms of mental health during this pandemic.

What’s the final conclusion?

European psychologists have a great deal to offer when it comes to the hows and whys of social behavior in organizations, which has been a great deal of help during this pandemic when everyone was working from home. The way Asians have always had an epistemological preference, to put rational, empirical ways of studying and acquiring knowledge while combining it with native cultural influences has had very positive outcomes during these tough times. Combining the knowledge from both eastern and western arenas of mental health, Eurasians, more specifically mental health professionals whether its counseling psychologists, cognitive behavioral therapists, psychiatrists, neurologists, care providers who work in psychological and neurological settings and metal health researchers have all played a significant role in avoiding an epidemic of over prescription of drugs, violence that arises from the same and the consequences of a purely medicine based approach and kept people healthy and happy during these tough times.

In conclusion, please do participate in this conference, submit a paper and show the social behavioural science world what Eurasian mental health professionals are capable of. You will get an opportunity to interact with like minded individuals, present the eurasian point of view and show the world that when mental health professionals come together as a community they can battle anything whether it be the woes of a small school-going child or a global pandemic.

All the best and thank you from

Call for papers

Anyone who has behavioral science degrees and had experience in behavioral psychology studies and related fields is welcome to submit a paper for our conference. We also welcome anyone who is interested in social behavioral science or fields of study that pertain to behavioral science branches, to participate in this amazing conference. The study of human behavioral science and the analysis of the same which as we all know is called human behavior analysis, would be the major focus areas.

We welcome you to collaborate, participate and truly immerse yourself in an experience particularly tailored towards those interested in social behavioral science. We want you to feel at home, enhance, enrich and ennoble yourself, arm yourself with the right information by participating in this conference.

As a psychologist, psychotherapist or a psychology researcher now is your chance to truly collaborate with other researchers and participate in a conference that shows the world, no matter what, mental health professionals can come together as a community and provide the world with a much needed dose of positivity, optimism and resilience. 

Conference theme:

The theme of our conference is “Mental health that leads to Positivity, Strength and Trust”

Suggested topics:

  • Use of indigenous mental health interventions during the pandemic
  • New innovations in research methods: Going remote in research
  • How to build a family or community based on trust: Group intervention techniques
  • Leading an optimistic life: Innovations in Positive psychology
  • Pediatric care during uncertain times
  • Geriatric medicine: Mental illness, anxiety and depression during the pandemic
  • Nerupsychological discoveries and inventions during the pandemic time
  • Being your confident self: CBT Based approach to inner strength

The above are some of the suggested topics that you can work with but you are not restricted to the same. They have been suggested so that you understand the overall theme of the conference. You can submit completely new titles under the same theme.

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